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Julia Wayne

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The Instagram-Worthy Plate: 7 Tips From Top Chefs & Food Stylists

You’ve decided on the menu and cooked the food. Now, how do you make it all look Instagram-ready? Whether you want to show off for a crowd or just have a ball making dinner for one look restaurant-worthy, you’ll want to know these top tips for those finishing touches. Chef Jason Scherer consults and styles food for magazines like Sip Northwest and Cidercraft, and leans on the natural form to beautiful effect.
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Aperitifs Are So Cool Right Now

Cocchi Americano, Campari, Cardamaro … The list of Italian and Spanish aperitifs is long and foreign to many American palates, but with a taste for adventure, it’s a delicious world to dive into. If you’re not familiar with aperitifs, you’re not alone. In fact, at the recent Feast festival in Portland, a dedicated workshop called Aperitifs Ascendant focused on educating consumers about these up-and-coming drinks.
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Chill Out With Delicious Wine Floats

You’ve finished dinner, just sipped the last of your wine, and are ready for dessert. But if you’re not quite ready to put down the glass of vino, turn it into dessert with a wine float! What’s a wine float? The ingenious marriage of your favorite glass of wine and a sweet scoop of ice cream. Just like a root beer float, which combines bubbly soda with a creamy topping of vanilla or other ice cream, the beer float has made appearances on menus for years.
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Julia Wayne

A Seattle native, Julia Wayne writes about local food and dining destinations. She has a tendency to dive down the rabbit hole in pursuit of a good story, and always comes out with something worth telling.

When she's not sitting down to explore a new menu or reading up on food history, she can be found learning the delicate art of cooking dosa, practicing her dumpling folding techniques, or seeking out the best method to make a fluffy, flavorful tortilla.

A long time bartender, she has switched sides of the stick, though she continues the noble pursuit of getting to the bottom of what's in the glass. Local beer and spirits are particular passions, and getting caught up in the vines while learning about wine-growing traditions is her idea of a perfect day.

Her work has appeared in Sip Northwest, Munchies, Cidercraft, AllRecipes Dish, Eater Seattle, Seattle magazine, Edible Seattle, The Stranger, Seattle Weekly, Stackedd Magazine, Sportspress Northwest, Inside Right Wrist, and more.